Микросхема MP3378R 4CH LED DRIVER TSSOP-28


The MP3378R is a one-chip solution specially designed for monitor applications. The MP3378E includes a step-up WLED controller with four current channels for backlighting, and a high efficiency buck converter for internal bus voltage or standby power. The 4-string WLED controller drives an external MOSFET to boost up the output voltage from the input supply. It regulates the current in each LED string to the programmed value set by an external current setting resistor. It supports both analog and PWM dimming independently to meet special dimming mode request. Full protection features for the WLED controller include OCP, OTP, UVP, OVP, LED short/open protection, inductor/diode short protection. The high-efficiency buck converter operates in the current mode operation with a built-in MOSFET and a built-in synchronous rectifier. It offers a very compact solution to achieve excellent load and line regulation. Full protection features for the buck converter include OCP and thermal shutdown.
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